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A little bit about why we came to be.

Kieran O'Reilly, Co-founder and CEO


I'm Kieran O'Reilly, Co-founder, and CEO of All Set Workplace. I'm also a chartered physiotherapist, ergonomics specialist, and physiotherapist with Dublin GAA since 2008.

In 2020, following the enforced changes that COVID-19 brought to the world, I started getting more and more patients to my clinic presenting with injuries caused by their unsuitable working conditions at home.

I set up All Set Workplace to help businesses provide good care for their employees, and prevent a new wave of workplace injuries from happening.

The technology we have developed allows us to provide individual ergonomic assessments at scale. Suitable ergonomic workstations, education, and ongoing monitoring can greatly improve the lives of many workers, and help companies to improve employee wellbeing.

If you are interested in realising the benefits of a healthy workforce in your organisation, please get in touch.


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Whether you are a fully remote company, or have a portion of your staff working flexibly away from the office, we can support you to make sure your employees are working at suitable workstations.

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Every company is approaching remote working differently, so we tailor our solution to fit your needs. You only pay for what you need.

Training Train your employees on proper workstation setup and ergonomic best practices.

Risk Assessments DSE Risk Assessments to confirm your employees workstations are compliant with goverment guidelines.

Web-based Platform No IT involvement required to roll out our secure and privacy-focused solution.