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Workstation Management for Remote & Hybrid Companies

The easiest way to provide employee ergonomic training and perform DSE Risk assessments for distributed teams.

Trusted by Remote & Hybrid Companies


Easily manage your employee workspaces

Making sure distributed employees work from suitable and compliant workstations wherever they are located.

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Remote & Hybrid

The majority of companies now have staff working out of the office some, or all, of the time

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Managed Health Risk

We make sure your employees work in suitable conditions remotely and in the office.


Training and Support

Our online solution makes it easy to train employees and perform risk compliance checks.

All Set Workplace Platform

Easily train your employees and perform assessments of workstation suitability, wherever your employees are working from.

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Easily Capture Workstation Photos

Employees can use their phones to capture photos of their workstation. No apps required.

Automatic Followups

We do the chasing for you so you don't need to keep sending emails to get all employees to respond.


Easy Reporting

Generate reports with ease so you can keep management updated.

Get Compliant

If working from unsuitable workstations, your employees could be in danger of developing physical injuries

Employees working outside the office are still required to have their workstations assessed.

We help companies to manage the training of employees, the performing of DSE Risk Assessments per workstation, and to show compliance with HSA Guidelines.

All done through a web-based platform for an affordable fee

Get compliant, don't put your employees health at risk.

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Get Started Today

We’re here to support you

Whether you are a fully remote company, or have a portion of your staff working flexibly away from the office, we can support you to make sure your employees are working at suitable workstations.

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Affordable Pricing

Get started from as little as *€12 per employee per year

Every company is approaching remote working differently, so we tailor our solution to fit your needs. You only pay for what you need.

Training Train your employees on proper workstation setup and ergonomic best practices.

Risk Assessments DSE Risk Assessments to confirm your employees workstations are compliant with goverment guidelines.

Web-based Platform No IT involvement required to roll out our secure and privacy-focused solution.

Physio-led Services & Support

Our DSE Risk Assessments are performed by Chartered Physiotherapists, so you know your employees are in good hands.

Kieran O'Reilly, Co-founder and CEO


Our team, led by CEO and Chartered Physiotherapist, Kieran O'Reilly, have all the experience and expertise to make sure your employees are working in suitable conditions.

Flexible Support

We are here to assist in whatever capacity makes sense for your business:

  • Full-service support - We perform the DSE Risk Assessments for you
  • Training & Check-ins - Let employees access our training content and respond to check-ins
  • In-house Support - Your in-house assessment team can use our platform to gather info and perform assessments